Five tips for anybody looking for the perfect wedding package

Planning a wedding, like moving house is one of THE most stressful times in a couple’s life – FACT. Many venues now offer wedding packages to take some of the pressure off, however, what should you be considering when looking for the perfect wedding package?


Here are our top five tips on selecting the perfect wedding package, of course it’s hard to break it down to just five points, also, everyone has their own particular vision of their perfect day. To put it simply these are the five of the most important things you need to consider!


  • Budget! Yes, we’re straight in there with the finances, quite simply you need to know what you can afford. Don’t be tempted to bankrupt yourself for the perfect wedding, remember financial disputes can be a major case of arguments between couples. Yes, you want it to be a day to remember, no, you don’t want it to cause problems between you at the start of your marriage


  • Guest list – Be ruthless, of course you want to invite everybody you know and love but, best to stick to the ones you love! Try to keep it as balanced as possible. Also, the old idea of separate sides for the bride and groom is becoming less common. Why not start the day off together as one big happy family/party (this also pre-empts any awkwardness if one side has more people in it than the other!)


  • The DRESS! This is undoubtedly one of THE major concerns for any bride. Whatever your dream dress is be it a meringue or something more bohemian, do not start your wedding dress planning in the bridal shop. The internet has a wealth of information regarding styles and prices. Do your research online first, while the dress isn’t part of your wedding package, it can certainly affect your budget


  • Season – The traditional Spring or Summer or wedding is a dream for many couples. However, if this isn’t a particular concern, why not consider an Autumn or even Winter wedding. The changing seasons can offer a stunning backdrop with roaring fires, autumnal colours and even snow (if you’re very lucky) with less competition you are also more likely to get the date you want AND in some instances it can be less expensive


  • Children – Yes, it’s a big consideration. Believe it or not many people with children actually welcome the opportunity to have a day of celebrations without the kids! Children can bring a lovely, fun element to your wedding, they can also cry through the vows (stressing out their parents) and are an additional cost to your wedding package. It’s up to you!


If you’re looking for the perfect wedding packing, particularly if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Chester. Why not try Soughton Hall Hotel? Situated in Flintshire, North Wales and close to the Cheshire border, Soughton Hall Hotel not only offers a stunning backdrop to your special day, it also offers a variety of wedding packages to suit your requirements.


For further information, contact their dedicated wedding planners on 01325 840811.


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