Roman Treasure found in Cheshire – Soughton Hall Hotel

The Cheshire village of Farndon has hit the headlines recently following the discovery of a 2,000-year-old Roman pendant. The silver and carnelian gemstone pendant depicts a soldier fighting a large cat or panther.

Mr Luke Sansom, of Saltney near Cheshire has been metal detecting for ten years, although this is his most interesting find to date. The pendant will now be valued by the British Museum, it’s value will then be split 50/50 by the owner of the land and Mr Sansom.

Metal detecting has made something of a comeback in recent years, most recently depicted in ‘The Detectorists’ a BBC series focusing on the comical exploits of the two main protagonists. With its rich Roman heritage (Cheshire was home to a large Roman military garrison) Cheshire has become something of a hotspot for both professional and amateur detectorists.

The garrisons excavated site in Chester is considered one of the best preserved forts on Hadrian’s Wall, many of its inscriptions detailing the importance of the garrison as a stronghold for the Roman empire within the United Kingdom. It is perhaps not surprising then that such a significant find was discovered just beyond its walls.

If you’re particularly interested in the history of beautiful Cheshire and its surrounding areas why not come and visit? With a wealth of history Soughton Hall Hotel, situated in North Wales is close to the border of Cheshire and the perfect base to explore the surrounding areas.

This former Bishops Palace has been renovated into one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Cheshire, perfectly situated to explore both counties and within a 25-minute drive of Chester, with its fantastic shops and restaurants. The romance of and rich history that surrounds Soughton Hall has made it one of the most popular wedding venues in Cheshire.

For further information about Soughton Hall Hotel contact their team on 01352 840811 or visit their website here.

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