Boutique Hotels, Chester


To find a truly original and exquisite Boutique Hotel in Chester is something that can now be achieved thanks to the graceful Soughton Hall Hotel.

One of main the things that makes a boutique hotel is character and the Soughton Hall Hotel has such a strong one to offer. Originally created in 1714 this gothic and powerful looking building oozes both  old rustic charm and modern sophistication. The original hotel’s character has been maintained perfectly and throughout the centuries it has stood,  as a hall it has attracted people such as Knights, Great Travellers and Bishops. The building itself has been restored throughout the years to its former glory and is clear to see why it has such an impressive reputation.

This Boutique hotel in Chester has everything you could want to really make your stay memorable. From its unique decor, in keeping with its great history, to the picturesque garden and grounds. Every detail, no matter how small, of this Boutique Hotel in Chester has been thoroughly perfected inside and out.

When it comes to dining this Boutique Hotel in Chester does not disappoint. The Main Hall dining room is both warm and elegant making it the perfect place to sample some of the best British food around. Whilst their seasonal menu is something to behold the drinks menu is just as impressive. The wine list, for example, has such rare vintage bottles that you will not find anywhere else in this country.

This Boutique Hotel in Chester is a must see when you are next in North Wales. You may come for the history and the heritage but you will stay for decadent rooms and delectable food.

To find out more about Soughton Hall Hotel visit them at If you would prefer to get in contact then feel free to give them a call on 01352 840 811 or email them at


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